A downloadable game for Windows

High speed driving action with pretty cars
Go ahead Be The Greatest Driver!

12 (cute) rally cars
Time attack in 4 tracks 8 layouts
Race against Replay data (up to 3 cars)
Realistic car tuning (over 1million patterns!)
And High Speed Drifting!

Tags3D, Cute, rally, wrc

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and run "GD6.exe".


GD6_EN.zip 8 MB


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Welp, It's been 172 days since I've been active. I finally came back to re-learn the controls. I'm still open to hosting a tournament, I'll send you an email however with my further inquiries.

Deleted 363 days ago

Thank you for your comment.

Sorry but I don't have a Mac...
I guess it'll run on OSX with Wine.

Gadget Racers Reborn!! :D

Thank you for your comment.

I love Gadget Racers!

What are the world records for the tracks? Also I am an indie game dev myself and would love to help out with this game in any way I can. If not the game itself, I have hosted tournaments on other games and could help host one here. This is one of the best games I've played and will never leave my desktop (or regular play schedule).

Thank you for your comment!
I would be glad if you could host a tournament of this game.
If you need, please send me an e-mail and I'll send you the decoder of Greatest Drivers' passcode, that is encoded from records.

These are my best records. I guess somebody has faster records.
 Gravel1 : 37.16
 Gravel1 reverse : 37.76
 Tarmac : 32.02
 Tarmac reverse : 32.36
 Snow : 40.94
 Snow reverse : 39.50
 Gravel2 : 43.46
 Gravel2 reverse : 43.22

Thanks for letting me know! What is your E-Mail? I've started thinking out how the tournament can be done

Please check my E-Mail address in README.html file. It is at the bottom of the html.

Sorry but for security, I cannot write E-Mail address here.

i love this game! the style is awesome and reminiscent of some of my favorite PS1 games.

a great time to be had, if there was a campaign for this, i'd play through the whole thing for sure.

Thank you for your comment!

I'm planning a tournament of this game, but sorry I'm busy. Please wait without expectation...

Thank you for your comment.
Please try to download and install "DirectX End-User Runtime".

the game crashes when selecting "Start the Race!"